Words are important. Printed on the cover of a magazine, typed on a smartphone keyboard, jotted on a notepad. Written, heard or just thought

That’s why we founded Eccetera, a studio where words and sentences are chosen carefully and honed with the acumen of experience into their ideal form. We conceive and create customized publishing projects for companies, producing magazines, books, catalogues, press kits, blogs and web sites. We do it with the skill and experience we’ve gained working for top national publications and luxury brands. Etcetera is a word we say often. And it’s also our philosophy. It means “and all the other stuff”, all the rest, and so forth. For us, it also means not limiting ourselves. Going further. Telling stories, about places, businesses, journeys. Etcetera.

Gaia, Ilaria, Margherita

What we do

  1. Storytelling

    An ancient calling rooted in the art of speech and narration. We use storytelling techniques to convey ideas about a product, a service, or a company, highlighting its identity, unique qualities and history. To grab the audience’s attention; to spark emotion, create empathy and stimulate the senses of readers, listeners or watchers.

  2. Brand Journalism

    We create publishing projects for companies, with a journalistic slant.

  3. Content & Concept Creation

    We work in paper and digital formats with the same expertise, producing:

    • Magazines
    • Books
    • Web sites
    • Blogs
    • Newsletters
  4. Copy & Ghost Writing

    We transform professional content into added value, writing and refining:

    • Press kits
    • Institutional texts
    • Advertorials
    • Guides
    • Essays
    • Catalogues
  5. Digital Strategy

    We design and plan successful social media strategies for brands and companies:

    • Publishing project proposals
    • Q&A
    • Special projects
    • Strategies for integration with Offline operations (traditional marketing)
  6. Translations

    We translate Eccetera Studio written work into English, French, Spanish and German, collaborating with native-speaking professional translators.

  7. Project Management

    We handle every project from initial briefing through delivery, collaborating when necessary with skilled professionals like art directors, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, software developers and video makers.


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Villa La Massa
la Repubblica
Architectural Digest

Who we are

Ilaria Maggi

Ilaria Maggi

I’ve always felt pulled towards creativity and the infinite ways of expressing it, since I did my first photo shoot at the age of eight: Barbies were my models. Then I found my path in writing. As a professional journalist, I specialize in brand journalism and have planned content marketing strategies from initial briefing to “ready for press”. I love composing with words, so I also do copy and ghost writing.

Gaia Passi

Gaia Passi

A professional journalist with a master’s degree in the Culture and History of the Publishing System, after having cut my teeth as a crime reporter, I discovered that I prefer stories with happy endings; since then, I’ve written about lifestyle, fashion, design and food for Vogue Italia, AD Italia and other top Italian publications. I speak four languages, I travel a lot, and I never tire of asking questions and listening to stories.

Margherita Tizzi

Margherita Tizzi

I was born in Sansepolcro, Tuscany, to globetrotting parents; my father is a painter who passed on to me a passion for art and design. I earned degrees in Media Languages and Art History at the Università Cattolica in Milan. In 2010, I published the book “Piero e Sansepolcro: il caso della Natività”. Today, I write for D La Repubblica, Vogue Italia and Amica. I’m also Flo Magazine’s editor in chief.